What are things to consider in esta guide for traveling to the United States?

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While filling the application with the esta, there are some facts which should be considered by the person. Now, a person can travel to the United States without applying for a Visa because of the Visa Waiver Program. The travelers can go to the US through the Electonic System for Travel Authorization. Being it is a simple process, many visitors are not having full information about the esta guide

Visa and esta are different things

If a person is approved under the esta guide, then there is no need for applying for Visa. The person has provided all the information and personal details required in the application form for visiting the US. The Visa is a lengthy process, and if a person is authorized under the esta, then there is no need of carrying Visa with them. The esta guide informs about the approval status within twenty-four hours of applying the form through email., whereas Visa process takes weeks for approval.

Esta allows ninety days to travel to the US at one time

The approval under the Esta enables a person to stay only ninety days in the US at one time. The person is not allowed to stay one more day after the completion of ninety days. It is upto the visitor to manage the time and days for visiting the country. If a person wants to roam outside the country, then no extra days will be availed to the visitor. The person can not visit within a short period after completion of ninety days. If the person is interested in staying for more than ninety days in the US, then they can opt for alternate Visa. So, under the Visa Waiver program, a person is not allowed to stay more than ninety days in the US.

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