Playhouses Are Not Just For Children Anymore

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Playhouses have long been a children’s favorite for outdoor entertaining. They are fun and exciting with a variety of themes, from fairytale characters to jungle adventures and other exotic locations, to feature past and present characters. They are available in many different sizes, and can be built into the ground, or portable versions may be needed.

Pupil Supply Company has a large selection of smaller, easier to move versions for children as well as the more intricate, three dimensional models for cast members to get into. They are very easy to set up, and the light weight makes moving them around easy.

One benefit to the different size models is that it gives a cast member a sense of comfort and security when they are hanging out in the jungle. They can dress up in style.

Another benefit to these playhouses is the ability to build in theme. If you are building the playhouse for your child, you can keep it simple, with a jungle theme.

The monkey, toy soldier and ranger toy playhouses came in a multitude of fun shapes and styles and all have unique jungle themed decorations. The jungle adventures of the larger buildings are fun and entertaining.

A popular jungle adventure is the Santa’s Grotto playhouse. This is a one story, three story, bright red structure that has an old-fashioned Christmas tree on top and provides a great place for guest to entertain while in the jungle.

The Steelport playhouse has plenty of space for children to take their circus performers on the run, or even the next year’s holiday celebration. The three story building stands up to the wear and tear of children and other family members alike.

The toy castle playhouse is also a safe design, but the rolling part adds a different twist. It has large doorways, allowing cast members to enter and exit safely, yet still provide enough room for the bigger characters to move around.

Many high school group plays have fun jungle themed gatherings. The Elephant Barn, Giant Turtle Barn, Giant Leopard, Jungle Bus, and Space Colony are just a few examples of the many options for children to enjoy.

They can be made very easily for any child’s size, from young infants, all the way up to pre-teen kids. They are constructed with weather-resistant rubber and a variety of strong, durable pieces to make them safe.

Common mistakes often happen with children’s playhouses, and it is wise to remember them. Here are a few common ones.

Most importantly, remove any toys from the entire building before beginning to build. The only exception to this is if the parent is on site, in which case the child must be able to throw away the toys at the end of the night.