Make the pond healthy – do the maintenance!

Do you have a pond in your garden? Maintenance is going on with it or not. If anyone has a pond in their garden, then it is a must for them to do maintenance of the pond so that it will stay healthy and the fishes in it will also survive in it comfortably. Now it comes to maintenance, and lots of people are asking for how the maintenance is to be done of the pool. There are many ways which can help the person to maintain their pond and here we will go to break down a few of the ways so that you can also maintain it properly. One can ask from koi pond Singapore service to know for the one and best pond tomake the garden look better.

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A healthy population of fish

Suppose you are having 100 gallons of water in the pond and having more than 10 fishes in it then it is over populated. It is important to have a proper population of fish in the pond so that it will not get over populated and will make the survival easy and comfortable for the fish also.

Overfeeding of fish can make tidy

If you over feed the fishes, then it will create problem in making the pond clean and healthy. That is why it is must to keep this thing in mind that ask from the professionals and feed the fishes limited to maintain the cleanliness of the fishes.

Different plants

In the pond, one should put different plants in it so that it will look beautiful. Putting the same kind of plants in the pond will make it look a little boring and dull. Different beautiful and colored plants will make it more attractive. 

Now make the pond look better and healthy by using the mentioned ways above.