Choose best multipurpose dash cams


A dash cam which is also called as the dashboard camera is the camera which is on board that will be continuously recording the view through the vehicles and also sometimes it records through the other Windows. Dash cam should be included in the camera for recording the interior of the car. The Best Dash Cams Reddit are as follows,

Garmin dash cam 55

This dash cam has good number of reddit threads, and this will be capturing the video in 1440 pixels. This dash cam is useful for vehicles and also gives the warning of the lane departure. This dash cam is having the control over the voice so this can be used without holding it and it is completely hands free.

Nexar Action Camera

This dash cam has almost 3500 Reddit threads. The features of this camera are that it can record in 1080 pixels and also video working with the cloud storage and has the option of the GPS. This dash cam is very small and also discrete.


The third best dash cam according to reddit is A 119 and it is mentioned in almost 9,360 Reddit threads and this records in 1440 pixels High Definition and will be coming with 160-degree Wide Angle lens along with the sensor. This can be connected directly to the card for power and it includes the motion detection and the look more along with night vision camera.

Vantrue N2

This is the fourth best dash cam, and this is mentioned in 4343 reddit threads and this record both the road and the car interior the same has the Parking mode for about 24 hours feature of the looping recording. This also possess GPS this and it comes under the warranty period of 18 months.

Black Vue DR900S

This dash cam is mentioned in almost 8190 Reddit threads. This will be capturing the pictures and also the video in 4K result it is having the built in GPS as well as the Wi-Fi. This cloud has built in impact and motion detection video resolution.

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