Is the birthday of your knitter friend coming around? Check out the list of things you can give them!

Luckily we all have a friend who loves to knit, and we get all those sweet gifts from them like scarves, key chains, or wall hanging! But when it comes to gifting them, we get baffled as for non-knitters, knitting is mere a crafty activity. Of course we a gift them things that do not involve knitting but wouldn’t it be fantastic if he/she gets an appealing gift? Here is an end to all your confusion about what could be the best gift for knitters:

  1. Why not yarn and knitting kits?
    You can gift them different color yarn for them to knit. Also, there come lovely knitting kits for them to keep their threads and knitting tools in one place. It also prevents their yarns from entanglement.
  2. What about knitting classes for newbie knitters?
    If your friend is a beginner in knitting, classes would be the best gift for them. They get to learn what they are passionate about.
  3. Is your knitter friend too busy to knit?
    Get them a book that helps them time management and time-saving solutions so they can get back to knitting or you could take some of their tasks off their shoulder so they can knit. Thoughtful, isn’t it?
  4. How about jewelry or some wall art?
    You can always gift them a pair of knitting-themed earring or a necklace with real yarn as a pendant, or you could give them something like a printed t-shirt which says something sweet, knitted by you!
    To sum up, your gift, no matter how small or big will be appreciated if you give them a hear full of love and care. I hope these could be the end of your puzzlement about what to gift your knitter friend and you find something they enjoy having!