How to customise the sound in the car?

Great music in the car is always good for the passenger. Songs help us to cover the distance with a more entertaining way in the travel that is why many car companies pay more attention to the car the audio system of the cars these days. Even we choose those cars only that have good sound system apart from other qualities of the vehicle.

Customising the car sound is right for every sound and music lover. You can improve the tone by installing a good audio system, good amplifier them the woofers in the car, decent tweeters of the treble effect in the car. You also need a right size of the speaker to provide a good effect. The best6x9 speaker size is very famous among music lovers, and in this article, we are going to discuss some interesting facts about different speakers in the market.

Speakers with two way sound.

In this type of speaker, you find one tweeter and one subwoofer for the bass effect. It is the most conventional speaker available in the market.

Three ways speaker

It includes two tweeter speaker and on the subwoofer for the decent sound in the car. Many claim that best 6×8 speakers are the best size speaker with the 3-way speaker in the box.

4-way speakers

It has 2 subwoofers for the excellent bass quality and two tweeter speaker for the treble effect in the car. The oval size this speaker sometimes distort the sound, but the overall impact of the speaker is good in performance

5-way speaker

This speaker is considered as the most expensive speaker in the market. It has 2 to 3 speaker for the exploding bass effect and 2 speakers for the treble. However, we recommend going for the three-way speaker which is known as the best speaker in the market.