Factors of clearing the junk

The Envy Factor:

Do you ever look at those fancy homes in those glossy pages of lifestyle or home magazines and wonder, “I wish my home were like that”? Well, rethink and keep pondering.

One needs to follow simple steps to make the most chaotic home look like a place of dreams to live in. Begin with simple at ease steps.

Begin is half of the journey.

Look for a trash bag or carton box in which you fill in the junk of your house. Waste does not generally mean junk; it can be the least used stuff in your home.

Pick up any 5-7 things which you have scattered here and there and find the right place in your house and keep them there. Begin to use them and make them of value. This is one of the most significant rules to organize a house and clear away the clutter. Everything is not cluttered, and somethings have a place and should have a home in clutter clearing guide.

Flat, flat!

Every flat surface of your house should be cleared away of clutter.

Consider a cluttered shelf in your house. Does not it look bad? So, remove all unwanted clutter and donate them while keeping only the important ones. If you don’t want to give, then keep them in your storage for future purposes.

Throw it out!

Take this day to strategize. Let me walk you through endless ways to eliminate clutter in every room, but you’ve got to make a note of your home’s clutter “hot spots.” The table by the back door? Your bathroom counter? Your desk? All of the above? Make a note of the spaces you want to declutter, and set deadlines for getting organized. Make boxes for keeping, donating, and storing – these will come in handy. If you’re prone to separation anxiety, make a box called “maybe” – when you can’t quite make yourself throw something away, store it here. After six months, pull it back out – if you haven’t so much as thought about an item, that means you should throw it out!